About us

We’re a letterpress and risograph publishing group located in Houston, Texas. Begun in 2008, Mystic Multiples exists to produce exciting, new work in print for designers and artists.

Our work is printed on a pair of N series Kluges, which were created at the dawn of the 20th century. In letterpress, rollers laden with ink pass over the face of a relief plate, and then stamp into the surface of the paper to transfer that ink. The result is a relief print that highlights fine detail and line work. Although mainly known for it’s use in wedding stationary, we’re strong proponents of using letterpress to create multi-color artist prints and ephemeral items.

For our risograph output, we use a Riso GR3750 and GR3770. Risograph prints are a cross between screen printing and mimeograph prints, and print quickly while sacrificing alignment and coverage. There’s a limited palette of ink colors available, and for those who can find creativity in constraints, it’s our least expensive way to get work published.

Our studio combines the illustrative skills of artist Sarah Welch, and the printmaking expertise of Master Printer James Beard.

Photo of Sarah of Mystic Multiples selling prints at a table

Sarah Welch

Sarah Welch is an artist, illustrator, and comics-maker based in Houston, Texas. She is a founding member of Mystic Multiples and a co-organizer with Zine Fest Houston.

Welch has participated in artist residency programs at Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, The MacDowell Colony, Wesleyan University, Lawndale Art Center, and UT Dallas Centraltrak. She is a recipient of grants and support from The Arch and Anne Giles Kimbrough Fund Award (Dallas Museum of Art), The Houston Arts Alliance, The Idea Fund (The Andy Warhol Foundation), and the Fred A. Hillbruner Artists’ Book Fellowship. Her work is included in the City of Houston art collection and can be viewed at Houston’s IAH airport (United Terminal C).

Her interests include ecological systems and climate change, urban planning and mass transit, women’s stories and histories, and sci-fi/fantasy narratives.

Photo of Mystic Multiples founder James sitting at a table selling prints

James Beard

Our work is printed by Mystic Multiples founder and pressman, James Beard, who is based in Houston, Texas. In addition to his work with Sarah Welch, Beard regularly collaborates with artists and clients to produce new projects in print.

With over 13 years of experience in Printmaking, Beard currently specializes in Risograph and Letterpress printing, and maintains a deep background in Screen Printing fine art editions. He has previously worked with The Serie Project, Coronado Studio, Black Swan Screen Printing, and Lady Lazarus Press.

His interests include the relationship between creativity and restraint, the democratization of print, and the role of humor in art.