Botanical Wedding Invitations

This is a legacy post from our work as Vrooooom Press. We now publish under the name Mystic Multiples, in Houston, Texas.

My good friend Jane finally decided to tie the knot and came to us to create a small set of wedding invitations, so we couldn’t say no!

Inspired by a German illustration of the common peach, this matching set of cards was hand-printed at Vrooooom Press. We used a halftone pattern on the main invitation to reproduce the original illustration, which was then printed with a copper metallic ink. Next, we added a screen of black ink to print the text, which is set in Savoy LET for a slightly informal feel that isn’t too casual. The corresponding response cards were completed in a similar fashion. In total, we printed around 300 invitation sets by hand for this job.

This project was the first time that we ever experimented with screen printing a font smaller than 12pt. Water-based ink can make this maneuver difficult, as the tendency of the ink is to want to dry into the screen along fine lines. Normally, we would print most work with a 230 mesh screen, but for this project, we had to go to a finer weave with a 305 mesh screen. This resulted in a thinner deposit of ink, but gave the stencil better support for the smaller sized text.