Business Cards For Sarah Welch

With our business card projects, we really like to focus on the tactile impression that letterpress can give a piece of simple ephemera. And when it comes to your personal calling cards, it’s important to think of custom cards as a means to really cement that one-on-one impression made in a chance meeting or scheduled appointment. That’s why we were happy to have the opportunity to print this set of cards for local illustrator Sarah Welch.

Sarah’s work is grounded in a traditional arts education, and she prefers to work with hand-embellished text when designing her projects. Since we work primarily from photopolymer plates, made to order, it wasn’t a problem at all for us to convert her illustration concept into a set of printing plates for this three color front, 1 color back design. Printed on one of our thicker cotton stocks, Cranes Lettra 220C, the extra thickness of this card helped us to emphasize the impression and general ‘weight’ of the card in a prospective client’s hand. And for a creative professional, going the extra mile on cards that your client will be reluctant to throw away is always something to be considered!