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Coocoo Creative

Coocoo Creative is a design firm located just a stone’s throw from the Mystic Multiples shop in Houston.

Printing cards for designers and creative professionals is always a pleasure and a welcome challenge. This unique business card features not only a clever color overlay on the front and a bleed print on the back, but also shocking pink edge painting. The bright colors, bold typefaces, and hand lettering in this card are pure poppy fun.

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Holiday Promo Cards

This is a legacy post from our work under Vrooooom Press. We are now Mystic Multiples, in Houston, Texas.

This past holiday season, Vrooooom Press was lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with Terrence Moline, a local designer and illustrator here in Austin, Texas. His operation produces some excellent work for print and web, and we’ve collaborated in the past on poster printing for a few local events.

This time around, Terrence contacted us for more information about our letterpress printing, hoping to find a better way to produce his annual thank you cards for clients and friends. Previously printed through print-on-demand services, the cards carried a high price point without much individuality aside from the strength of his own designs. After discussing how we could manage to produce a series of five designs without breaking the bank in high-end materials and printing plates, we came across the idea of running all 5 designs in the same color. This allowed the cards to share a common graphical element, despite the differences in illustration between each. It also helped to avoid a bulk of the setup fees associated with cleaning the press between each card run, which was limited to about 100 cards per design. A few press checks later, and poof! the cards were complete and ready to go to work on thanking TMoline’s clients.

Printed on 140# Holyoke cotton stock (which I must say, is one of my favorite stocks to work with) with a single pass of metallic copper ink using photopolymer plates. Check out the entire series in the gallery below.

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My Wicked, Twisted Sense of Love

This is a legacy post from our work as Vrooooom Press. We now publish under the name Mystic Multiples, in Houston, Texas.

I had the pleasure of working with independent curator Leslie Moody-Castro on the creation of this invitation series, which was commissioned to promote the opening of her showMy Wicked Twisted Sense of Love, at the Women and their Work gallery here in Austin.

During our planning sessions, Leslie explained the theme of the show to me, and we worked together over a few sessions to sketch out an idea of what we wanted to accomplish with this project. We agreed that we wanted to stay away from the standard “exhibit postcard” style of invitation, which seems to run rampant throughout arts organizations. Instead, a unique piece of hand-printed ephemera seemed like the perfect match for the subject and style of the show.

In an attempt to bring the invitee into the show’s conversation, we decided to take exerts from Leslie’s own love letters and break-up letters, and craft a split edition of invitations to send out on the mailing list. Approximately 2000 invitees would receive an anonymous love letter from the show’s curator, while the remaining 2000 invitees on the mailing list received anonymous break-up letters. Due to the construction of the invitations, all invites looked identical from the outside, so there was no way of telling which version any given invitee would receive.

On another note, this project marks one of the largest print runs ever produced through Vrooooom Press, with approximately 4000 finished invitations produced. This entire edition was screen printed and folded by hand over the course of a week with the help of Leslie and several of her friends. We could not have made this happen without that assistance! Thank you to everyone involved!