Total Monsoon

Total Monsoon risograph anthology by Sarah Welch

Total Monsoon is the culmination and finale to our Endless Monsoon project. This 310 page risograph comix anthology with screen printed cover contains the entire arc of our series, and also includes brand new content in the form of interstitial comics between books, interviews, and very special foreword by Robert Boyd. Produced at a larger… Continue reading Total Monsoon

Very Pleasant Transit Center

Endless Monsoon IV: Very Pleasant Transit Center risograph comic book by Sarah Welch front cover

Very Pleasant Transit Center is the final chapter in the Endless Monsoon saga. Angela and Jess are reunited and managing a more stable existence. Jess is entranced by an old duplex and becomes obsessed with finding a way to purchase the home and build toward her dream of security. Will she prevail? Meanwhile, the city… Continue reading Very Pleasant Transit Center

Only Humid

"Only Humid" risograph zine by Sarah Welch

In Chapter 3 of the Endless Monsoon story, Jess’ housing situation has been disrupted yet again. We find her living in a less than copacetic arrangement with her brother and continuing to struggle with the search for employment, stability, and purpose in life. A chance visit with Angela improves things and bolsters her ability to… Continue reading Only Humid


Brackish is a collaborative zine project made by Houston-based artists Katie Mulholland and Sarah Welch in 2015. Over a five month period Mulholland and Welch created a massive pile of ink drawings imaging the past, present, and sometimes invented future of the Houston landscape. They curated this drawing collection to compile the Brackish zine. Drawings… Continue reading Brackish

Cry Me a River Part I & II

"Cry Me a River" part one by Sarah Welch

Cry Me a River is the second chapter of author and illustrator, Sarah Welch‘s Endless Monsoon saga. Originally planned as a single book, we decided to split the story in two parts because of the length. In Chapter 2 of the Endless Monsoon story we find Jess re-settled, living temporarily with Angela, but still struggling to… Continue reading Cry Me a River Part I & II

Endless Monsoon

For one of our first Risograph publications, we were excited to work with long time collaborator Sarah Welch.  Endless Monsoon represents a transition in Welch’s writing from pure autobiographical works to original narratives that swing between total invention and real life events.  Monsoon takes place in an embellished version of Houston, and chronicles episodes of isolation and… Continue reading Endless Monsoon