[expand title=”1. What is an edition?”]

An edition is a group of prints arranged into a finite number. This does not include misprints, test prints, or proofs. A lot of times, we refer to your order as an edition, under these guidelines.

For artists, an edition is a way of communicating the production details of your project to your customer. With printmaking, we have an ability to reopen a project and produce additional multiples. So, what does that mean for the consumer, who is buying art? Does it diminish the value of a work when additional works are created? The answer is fairly complex, but ultimately having a set edition invites a bit of trust into the purchase of a limited print. We recommend editioning and numbering for all art prints produced by the studio.


[expand title=”2. What is a raw edition?”]

A raw edition is one which has not been curated. This means that test prints and proofs, which are normally excluded from a finished edition, are still included. We sometimes ship raw editions when the artist wishes to handle numbering themselves, or when a commercial client doesn’t want to order additional stock to meet required overage.


[expand title=”3. Curating Paper”]

Most cotton stocks are highly durable, and be repaired to a certain extent. If something happens to a print or card, it is not always necessary to throw the piece away. You can use fine grit sand paper to buff the paper’s surface, and effectively erase small areas.

This process is included in our release of art prints, to ensure that only the best prints are editioned.


[expand title=”4. Studio Chop”]

For art prints created at Mystic Multiples, we prefer that you take advantage of our studio chop. A studio chop is a small emboss on the final print, which bears our insignia. This helps to confirm that your project was printed in our studio, and also adds to the body of work produced by us over the years. Studio Chops also help document the history of particular studios, and have been a tradition in fine printing for a long time. Discounts are available for artists and designers who use this mark.

But, should you wish to forego the mark, just let us know!