Hot, Hot, Magenta Invitations

This is a legacy post from Vrooooom Press. We are now called Mystic Multiples, and work in Houston, Texas.

I had the pleasure recently of working with Laura and Zack to print up their official invitations. Laura did her own design work for this project, and I was really pumped up to work with her in the creation of a simultaneously modern and retro invitation. Just look at that hot dog couple!

The original invitation mock-up included a strip of CMYK inspired benday dots behind the hot dog couple cut. However, after a meeting, we decided to simplify the pattern in order to print this project with only three plates, rather than four. An additional concern was a desire to balance an antique feel, accomplished by the off-white paper, with a vibrant selection of colors including pure magenta and cyan. After a series of press checks, we were able to get the colors just where they needed to be by mixing the inks in house. Heck, we were even lucky enough to snag some matching magenta envelopes to pull the whole thing off.

Later in the project, Laura and Zack elected to add a 2nd informational card to the project, with details about Austin area hotels and diversions. Both cards were ultimately printed on the same press sheet of 140# Holyoke Antique, which is a 100% cotton sheet distributed by Manifesto Press. I love to work with Holyoke, since the paper has an extremely soft finish and won’t break the bank on small projects, making it a great house sheet to consider for future projects. Without that extra help, we probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve the same depth of impression. You can also consider me a fan of the sheet’s uniformity, as we were able to hold an extremely tight edge on edge registration between the cyan and magenta plates.

All in all, I’m happy to have worked on this project, and hope you’ll enjoy taking a gander at the finished results below!