Brackish Boxed Set

Over a five month period Mulholland and Welch each created many, many ink drawings, they curated those works and compiled them into the Brackish zine. Drawings of special interest were chosen to become risograph or letterpress prints paired alongside the book.

Brackish, the art zine images the past, present, and sometimes invented future of the Houston landscape. The book features local and invasive flora & fauna, architecture, interior spaces, city infrastructure, industry, and residential vignettes. Special attention is lavished on locations with ancient, sometimes futuristic presence. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Jurassic Park.

Included in Brackish Boxed Set

Katie Mulholland was born in Youngstown, Ohio and studied at The Art Academy of Cincinnati. She holds a BFA in painting from University of Houston. Her background in geological studies was where she first began making intricate maps and historical depictions of layered rock, biology, and soil.

Sarah Welch is an artist, illustrator, and comix-author who lives and works in Houston. She received her BFA (printmedia) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago before deciding that life is far too short to reside in the arctic tundra. Welch is a 2015 Idea Fund recipient and featured artist for this year’s Zine Fest Houston (10.17.15).

Risograph Prints in Brackish Boxed SetInside of Brackish Zine

Houston Toad Risograph