“Untitled” by Andrea Bonin

Full shot of screen print by Andrea Bonin
Photograph of the finished screen print, measuring 30″ x 20″.

This original screen print by Austin artist Andrea Bonin is the first in our series of artist collaborations. We met Andrea through Colab, which is a project workspace and open gallery located on the East Side of town. Through our ongoing offer to provide printing services for artists featured at the gallery, Andrea got in touch with the studio and threw some idea at us. This is the idea that stuck.

The print itself is a hand drawn and hand printed 5 color print on archival rag paper, measuring 22″ x 30″. The figures featured in the design bear a resemblance to Andrea’s extended family– a theme which was central to the corresponding installation and exhibit we produced this print for. The show itself

As part of our art print process, Andrea used india ink to build up the print on sheets of clear mylar. Each mylar sheet represented an individual color for the screen print, and was transferred to photo emulsion to form a stencil for printing. A variety of marks can be used to create a stencil, provided that they block the light of the exposure process. We think it’s a great way to maintain the artist’s “hand”, or technique, in the final print!

Proceeds from the sale of this edition go towards continuing our open-ended collaboration with local artists.

Check out more examples of Andrea’s installation and sculptural work at her Tumblr, http://andreacecilebonin.tumblr.com. This print was created for the exhibit “Building / Rebuilding” in 2009.

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Detail shot of a screen print by Andrea Bonin.
Detailed look at the layering of hand painted details in this original screen printed piece of art by Andrea Bonin.
Detail shot of screen print by Andrea Bonin.
Another detail shot from the finished work. We were able to capture a lot of the original line’s qualities by shooting the original compositions directly to screen.