Printing Services


As the proud owner of a Kluge 12×18 press, we’re happy to offer custom letterpress ephemera. Invitations, cards, art prints… we’re game for anything and everything!

Letterpress is a form of relief printing. On our press, a mechanical roller carries ink to the raised surface of a printing plate, which represents the image to be printed. Two cast iron platens then close to apply pressure between the inked plate and the surface of the print. Upon release, the sheet is retrieved and the process repeats for the next sheet. In this way, color is added one at a time in a sheetfed process. Often, a tangible feel to the impression results, though this should not be confused with a true emboss, which distorts paper around a “male” die and a “female” die.

At Mystic Multiples, we have a special interest in promoting multi-color letterpress work which pushes the boundaries of what you normally see produced by this process. We offer a special discount program for projects which entail 3 or more colors in the design.

We especially enjoy publishing small format art prints for artists, and marketing them exclusively through our store. Generally, we distinguish this program from our commercial printing activities, as it is a curated exercise on our part.

We currently print from photopolymer plates, which are able to hold the finest detail and hold up for larger editions without degrading in quality. Custom woodblocks may also be carved at additional expense. We strongly advise against choosing letterpress for short run work, as the setup procedure is much more complicated for this medium, which results in a higher setup fee and price per piece. However, there is no minimum order for letterpress projects.

Traditional letterpress work is limited to a maximum plate sizeĀ  of 9″ x 12″ and a maximum sheet size of 13″ x 19″. We can accommodate requests for larger prints, but it requires more discussion about project specifics and a longer lead time to completion.

Standard turnaround is 2 weeks for photopolymer plates, and 3 weeks for hand-carved block printing. Rush service is available at additional expense, but work cannot begin without a deposit.

Vendors who meet certain criteria, such as ordering a minimum of 1 project per month, and have worked with us previously, may be entitled to bulk printing discounts. All prices must be confirmed by our quote process.



Risograph Printing

Our newest process is a great fit for artists, designers, and people who just need to get a lot of prints out there.

The risograph machine is a modern version of a mimeograph, which combines an inking drum, small squeegee, impression roller, and a film based stencil to produce high speed prints on uncoated paper.

This is still a spot color process, so ink is added to the runs one at a time. Individual color drums are swapped out when switching to a new color.

Risography is rapidly developing into a popular process due to its low cost per print, and ability to stay true to the general process of spot color printing. Traditionally, these machines are used as an in house printer for churches, schools, and government offices.

Fine registration work is generally not recommended for the Riso. This guy really loves to rev up and spew out prints, which can cause a lot of variance from sheet to sheet. We recommend clients to consider incorporating over-prints, and free floating elements into their designs in order to minimize the look of misalignment on the final print. That said, many have grown attached to the look and feel of these roughly aligned sheets, especially within the DIY community.

Zine printing, small format art prints, and flyers are the Riso’s specialty!