“Commute” was initially created by Sarah Welch as part of a temporary public art initiative.The illustration was drawn, riso-printed, scanned, and finally scaled-up as printed vinyl applied to a building marquee in downtown Houston. The work was displayed May – November 2019 and now lives on in the form of this very risograph print. The image features two women sitting back to back on the metro train, each reading a zine. They are each beginning their day, ostensibly on their way to respective workplaces. The train is whizzing by a scene of quintessential Houston mixed-zoning: an auto repair shop next to residential housing. The scene evokes the power of reading to transport you and expand your mind, even in mundane circumstances.

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  • Open edition print
  • Measures approximately 10″ x 15″
  • Risograph printed on 67# / 147gsm cream vellum bristol paper