Geiger Tree ‘Guana


Are you familiar with the invasive Green Iguanas of South Florida? They’re gearing up for a worldwide takeover. Only issue are those cold snaps that cause these poor creatures to freeze up and fall from trees. Don’t worry: they reanimate when the temperature turns back up. Next time your in Key West, do a quick scan of any nearby Geiger tree (Cordia Sebestena) and you’re likely to find yourself a spiny new bestie.

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  • Open edition print
  • Measures approximately 8″ x 11″
  • Risograph printed on 100# / 290gsm recycled cover weight paper

Risograph printing is known for its charming lack of registration. We curate editions before shipping, but each print can vary slightly with alignment of colors. Your print may differ slightly from the display print shown above.