Nape Shave


A haircut from a friend is a dangerous gamble. If they’re not trained in the art of the blade, it could get hairy. If the miraculous occurs and it turns out looking good, it’s as if you cheated death. You chose danger and came out the victor! An intimate bond is forever forged betwixt the blade-wielder and the thrill seeker. May your locks whip gallantly in the wind as you face whatever dark future awaits. Print is approximately 11 x 14 inches and is printed on white paper.

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“Nape Shave” is an original risograph art print, made by Mystic Multiples in Houston, Texas. But what is a risograph?

The Riso brand printer is a stencil duplicator. These machines can scan an image and produce a stencil from a grayscale file or image. This stencil goes onto an ink drum, which is full of soy based ink that resembles newspaper ink. Next up, the printer runs at high speed, feeding paper through on one side, and shooting printed sheets out the other side. This process repeats itself for each color in the final print, with a good amount of drying in between color layers. In a lot of ways, it is similar to making a screen print, but automated!

Part of this image originally appeared as the cover art for Endless Monsoon: Cry Me a River part one. Endless Monsoon is a 100% risograph printed, and the work of artist Sarah Welch. The series is loosely autobiographical and chronicles the changing friendship of two gulf coast women. You can start the series with Endless Monsoon, or read it in one compendium with Total Monsoon.

These are unframed prints, and may differ slightly from the images above. For questions, please email us!

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