Seaside Portal


Seaside Portal is a risograph art print by James Beard and Mystic Multiples. Will you follow the tunnel to a new world, or stay here?


The original photograph was taken in Seabrook, Texas, near an artificial shoreline created from sidewalk rubble.

Print information:

– CMYK Risograph printed! Riso printing prints one color at a time in layers. This print is CMYK printed, so we used cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks to print it. This results in a grainy texture and color density variations in the print, which is a unique lofi look. Great for lovers of VHS, vaporwave, and other ancient media pursuits. 📼

– 8×10 inch standard size! This baby is ready to frame or stick on a wall and start looking good. 🖼️

– Handmade! That’s right, we make our prints in our home studio and print / cut / ship them to you as honest to goodness real life people. 💪

– Ships flat! No need to flatten this print out due to being packed in a tube. That is, unless you order our other print that has to ship via tube. 😭

– Printed on butcher white 80# cover paper from French Paper. This means it’s acid free, elemental chlorine free, made with sustainable hydroelectric power, and made in Michigan USA!

And, we also have it available in a patented VERDETONE all green version, which measures around 10.75 x 8.5 inches!

Thank you 💚