Swamp Cruise


At every turn something fascinating comes into focus: a lily pad, a river of grass, an insect that sounds like a chopper. Why not stay a while and explore the wonders of this unique ecosystem? A pleasure cruise with an alligator tour guide. This mini letterpress print feature a close crop and rounded corners: perfect for your precious, cracked 1981 picture frame. It has a couple good years left. Unframed and approximately 4″ x 4″.

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Printed in house at Mystic Multiples in Houston, Texas. We print with a vintage Kluge letterpress. These cast iron printing presses weigh a ton and are what we use for all of our letterpress art prints.

Curious about our process? First, artist Sarah Welch drew the original line art for this print . Next, we produced photo polymer plates for the project. The ink sits on a relief surface, and later stamps into the paper. After printing, we die cut each piece on the letterpress into the final rounded corner piece!

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Please note that this is an unframed print, and may differ slightly from the image as it is a handmade object. For questions, please email us!


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