Working with Earth


Large, square, risograph art print by Mystic Multiples and Sarah Welch! Printed with orange and brown inks on ’tile green’ French Paper, and measures approximately 12″ x 12″.


Get down and play in the mud. “Working with Earth” is inspired by a couple ceramicist friends who built their own clay studio in the garage. It’s easy to spend hours and hours working on a clay sculpture, vessel, or even a couple mugs. So what’s better than a conveniently located studio? Your itchy dog and hedgehog companion can join. Embracing the earthiness we opted for a peachy orange spot color and rich brown key line. It falls somewhere on the spectrum between 70s home decor and and those Peanut Butter Chocolate candy cups. This image is a little portal of motivation to keep making and growing.

Ships flat sandwiched between sheets of cardboard. USPS First Class Mail.