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Only Humid

"Only Humid" risograph zine front cover showing a tiled glass wall with a window displaying the title

In Chapter 3 of the Endless Monsoon story, Jess’ housing situation has been disrupted yet again. We find her living in a less than copacetic arrangement with her brother and continuing to struggle with the search for employment, stability, and purpose in life. A chance visit with Angela improves things and bolsters her ability to move forward. Jess’ sympathy for her complex, swampy city grows.

This part comic, part art-zine features many lush drawings of highways and industrial wastelands. Set somewhere in Southeast Texas, two friends negotiate their lives in the sub-tropical, semi-swamp.

3-Color Risograph Printing ~ Measures 8″ X 5″ ~ 60 pages.

Only Humid also inspired a reading room installation and exhibition at Box 13 in Houston. Click here for documentation of the exhibit!

  • "Only Humid" risograph zine front cover showing a tiled glass wall with a window displaying the title
  • "Only Humid" risograph zine shown at an angle with the book open on a white background
  • "Only Humid" risograph zine detail showing the printing details and halftones
  • "Only Humid" risograph zine front and back cover showing a tiled glass wall with a window displaying the title
  • "Only Humid" risograph zine inner page detail showing an ornate building facade and main character crossing the property
  • "Only Humid" risograph zine back cover and mystic multiples logo
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Letter B made of feathers

Brackish is a collaborative zine project made by Houston-based artists Katie Mulholland and Sarah Welch in 2015. Over a five month period Mulholland and Welch created a massive pile of ink drawings imaging the past, present, and sometimes invented future of the Houston landscape. They curated this drawing collection to compile the Brackish zine. Drawings of special interest were chosen to become risograph or letterpress prints paired alongside the book (see the Brackish Box Set link for more info). The book features local and invasive flora & fauna, architecture, interior spaces, city infrastructure, industry, and residential vignettes. Special attention is lavished on locations with ancient, sometimes futuristic presence. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Jurassic Park.

  • Photo of "Brackish" boxed set with the box open and the zine cover with golden vines on a fence visible
  • "Brackish" boxed set showing custom letter B box and risograph zine cover with golden vines on a chain link fence
  • "Brackish" zine inner page detail showing a dystopian, overgrown astrodome filled with swampy plants
  • Detail of three prints including two toads in love, a dystopian astrodome, and an olympic clover hotel swimming pool
  • Letterpress print of a vine covered silhouette
  • "Brackish" boxed set items laid out, showing the zine, frog love print, swamp man print, astrodome print, and clover pool print
  • Endangered Houston Toad Couple risograph framed print showing two green frogs, one on the larger's back
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A Fabled Evening

Invitation with illustrated plants

We were very honored to have this opportunity to work on a custom letterpress invitation for local arts nonprofit Diverseworks. Founded by artists in 1982, Diverseworks is well known for fostering new and daring art without restraints in our hometown, Houston, Texas.

This custom letterpress invitation suite was designed by Sarah Welch and printed on our Kluge letterpress in vibrant dark blue. Printed on 110# Crane’s Lettra, we love the tactile feel of this invite and its matching envelope. We were especially happy to have some room to play with on the depth of impression, since this invite was specifically designed with letterpress in mind– by leaving the back of the card’s face blank, we were able to work deeper than normal without the need to worry about show-through or distortion of elements on the opposite side.