Save the Date Coasters

From first glimpse to completed project, we were super excited to work with Ashley and Matt on their custom letterpress save the date coasters. Printed on thick coaster stock, this double sided announcement really takes things to a new level with a nice, contemporary and friendly feel.

Featuring an illustration by Ashley’s father and some design ninja layout from Matt himself, we did our best to compliment the design with a light, crisp impression on both sides. Although we had the option of printing the blue plate a little thicker, ultimately it was decided that we should print it “salty” in order to hone in on the process’s characteristic look. This is something we try to remind all clients of when approaching a letterpress project, since it is one of the limitations and/or ‘features’ of the medium.

Originally intended for production on the L Letterpress, Matt and Ashley contacted us directly with plates in hand when things were going a little too slowly and uncomfortably on their home press. Luckily for all of us, we were using the same photopolymer plates and could easily transfer the remaining production to Mystic Multiples’ Kluges. I’m sure this made the presses happy as well, since this project was the first we tackled on the Kluges since their move!

We’re very interested in working with non-traditional stocks in general. Chipboard, Pulp-board, and even Matboard have all come through our doors and have all proven themselves as viable alternatives to traditional, cotton-based letterpress stocks. You could say that we really pride ourselves on being able to offer affordable alternatives to budget minded couples who have caught the letterpress bug!

1 color front and back. Edition of approximately 500.