Packaging / General Info

We normally ship items flat, in a plastic bag sandwiched between sheets of cardboard. This has been a very safe way to send our works while avoiding curly prints. We are also proud to support the United States Post Office with our use of first-class mail service on the majority of orders. Orders over $50 in value are normally shipped by priority mail.

International Shipping

Unfortunately, we have to be very careful with this. In most cases, the price of shipping our work across borders is more expensive than the work itself– the average price is $25 for most locations abroad. Because of this, we work out international orders on a case-by-case basis. We cannot offer refunds, tracking, or exchanges on international orders. One option — we offer wholesale to stores, so perhaps a local brick and mortar could support our works in your country?

Shipping Timelines

We pack and ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the order they are received, with a cut-off of midnight (Central Time Zone) the night before. So, for instance, an order placed on Sunday before midnight will ship with Monday’s orders.

Most orders arrive within 3-10 business days. If your order has not arrived after 10 business days, please contact us.


Yes, there will be tracking available on all orders shipped from our store with the exception of sticker orders, which are shipped by stamped envelope. Please be advised that USPS tracking can be slow to update, as it is dependent on carrier scans.

Lost / Damaged Orders

We’re sorry to hear that! In some cases, packages are prematurely marked as delivered and will show up on the following business day. If it’s been 24 hours and there’s still no progress, write to us at to let us know the situation. We can follow up with the post office on our end, and send a replacement your way!