Texas Wedding Invitations

This is a legacy post from our work as Vrooooom Press. We are now Mystic Multiples, and reside in Houston, Texas.

Like most developing studios, Vrooooom Press has done its fair shake of pro bono work. I think it’s a great way to hone your skills while working one on one with a client, which is something you don’t get from working ad nauseum on your own projects. So when my sister decided to tie the knot with her boyfriend Mark, we were definitely game to create a unique invitation for the event.

Kelly is a die hard Texan at heart, if not by birth, so in working together on the concept for her invitations we decided to tip our hat to the work of Hatch Show Print in Nashville. Although Hatch is known as a Tennessee institution, there’s definitely a western characteristic to their work that makes one think of Texas. Perhaps its the wonderful Hamilton wood type, or maybe it’s the country roots. Speaking of type, there’s a certain charm to the usage of several display fonts in a single document that makes a lot of older show bills really stand out. But you have to be really careful when selecting these fonts in order to keep the design balanced, which is why we tried to limit our selection to fonts inspired by the original Hamilton line of type.

Printed on French Paper’s Muscletone line, which is a 140# cover stock, the final product was a big hit with extended family and friends. We even had a few press sheets left over from the original run which were printed with a split fountain of red and black ink. These were ultimately gifted to the wedding party members as an art object and memento of the occasion.