Weird Weeds Deconstructed

This is a legacy post from Vrooooom Press. We are now known as Mystic Multiples.

As part of our pro bono work for Austin’s Church of the Friendly Ghost, Vrooooom Press worked along with artist Sarah Welch to design and print a gigposter for the Weird Weeds Deconstructed.

But what is a “Weird Weeds Deconstructed?” Well, as part of their mission to support experimental music and process in Austin, C.O.T.F.G. presented three separate solo performances from the members of the band Weird Weeds. The night’s performance was an excellent opportunity to see all of the individual techniques of band members separated from their usual whole while giving those familiar with the music a chance to think about how the parts contribute the the band’s final sound.

This poster, measuring 20″x26″, was printed by hand at our studio and combines elements from drawings by Sarah Welch and James Beard, with Sarah providing the main figure’s illustration, and James providing the green fill and text work. Printed on 100# Cougar Opaque Florescent White paper with TW Ink.