Why are those animals on a bike?!

With our screen printed art print series, we are trying to experiment with a combination of techniques. Amberlith or Rubylith is a form of masking film that is used to transfer a stencil to photo emulsion. It’s easy to use– the red hue of the material blocks the transmission of UV light to the emulsion, which causes the emulsion to wash out easily during development with water. At this point in time, it was my first time to work with any sort of masking film. In this particular print, I used amberlith to compose the large solids of the exclamation and question marks in these prints. Using a film, or even a solid piece of cut paper, in this way can eliminate the need for expensive toner when composing film positives for screen printing our art prints.

This series of animals on a bike came out of a desire on my part to get a little more intricate with my use of antique cuts in my art prints. And honestly, I had just adjusted to my new surroundings in Austin, Texas, and found studio space at Coronado Studio, so I really wanted to just make a print at that point.

Using a hand-cut, rubylith exclamation mark and question mark, I decided to create a split edition by printing half of the prints with cyan and the other with magenta. Eventually, I revisited the project with orange and green color ways.

This edition is sold out. Thanks!