Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

Teaming up with artist Sarah Welch again on another Co-Lab production, we set to work to print up a series of “gigposters” for a collaborative art show.

Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing covered ideas of artifice, reproduction, copy, and substitution among the artwork of three Texas artists currently located in three different regions of the United States. The poster design for this project was adapted from an original drawing by Sarah Welch, and serves as a reference to a video work created to accompany the opening, in which the artist continually bites and snuggles against a pillow while a chopped & screwed rendition of Marvin Gaye’s signature song played. This small edition of hand-printed posters was available for sale during the opening.

Here is the collective statement for the exhibit:

“What the artifice does is create an anxiety over our own place in the scheme of reality. Whether a placeholder, substitution, or perfect copy, a double is a replacement, with its own motives. Sarah Welch, Sarah Crowe, and Graham Austin explore contemporary forms of substitution in “AIN’T NOTHIN LIKE THE REAL THING”, with a scoping range of media, focused upon questions of legitimacy and nostalgia that invariably arise when confronted with the doppelgangers wearing human, linguistic, or environmental form.”

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