Risograph Papers

We run sheets up to 12" x 18" on the riso, but the maximum print area is 10.75" x 16.5".

Our risograph will print on uncoated paper with weights between 13-lb bond (46gsm) and 80-lb cover (216gsm). For certain projects, we can also run 100-lb cover (270gsm). Thicker papers are better suited for our letterpress or screen printing processes.

We cannot print any unabsorbant papers, as the ink will never dry. Instead, we use absorbant papers with vellum finishes when possible to assist the ink drying process.

  • Accent Opaque

    A very smooth and very affordable white paper available quickly and in several weights. Best for detailed photos and white zine pages, but prone to smudging with heavy ink coverage.

  • French Paper Co

    Producers of a wide range of colored, recycled papers. The majority of our art prints and zines are printed on this company's paper. Vellum finishes help the ink dry, but specks are visible from the recycling process.

  • Colorplan

    We use colorplan to supplement our color options. While French Paper Co offers more earthy and neutral colors, Colorplan is the source for bright and pure colors of paper. Their green selections are some of the best available.

  • Springhill / Hammermill

    A great source for vellum bristol stocks and pastel colors. We recommend these papers as an affordable alternative on zine and book projects, and as an alternative to white paper.

  • Domtar Cougar

    A premium alternative to Accent Opaque that is also available in a Natural White shade. Cougar is an industry standard in the screenprinting / gigposter industry.

  • And more!

    We've worked with Stardream for metallic papers, Astrobright for fluorescents, and have also printed on nontraditional papers like translucent vellum and paper bags.

Letterpress Papers

Our letterpress is a 12" x 18" Kluge. For most projects we don't print larger than 9" x 12", with card sizes being our most popular option.

Our letterpress will print on on every paper available for riso, and is also able to print on extremely decadent cotton and blotter papers. We've even printed on mat-board and coaster stock for extremely thick prints.

  • Lettra and Savoy

    Lettra is a premium cotton paper that is perfect for letterpress projects. It has a slight vellum finish, and is available in three shades of white.

    Savoy is a smoother finish cotton paper that is available in three shades of white as well. Depending on your project, these papers cover most of our letterpress work.

  • Blotter and Chipboard

    We've worked with blotter paper for projects that need heavier and thicker papers without the expense of a cotton sheet. This industrial paper is available in white, and has a 'fuzzier' surface than our cotton options.

    We can also print rigid chipboard on the letterpress for a unique industrial look. Chipboard is highly ephemeral, but also inexpensive to source. Available in brown and grey tones.

  • Handmade Paper and more!

    If it can be stamped, the letterpress can print it. We can help you source handmade paper options, bamboo papers, and even create two toned custom duplexed papers for your project. We are also able to edge paint the sides of your invitations and business cards for an extra splash of color.

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Common Paper Questions

What weight should I use?

This is going to depend a lot on your project.

  • Text weight paper is lighter and thinner. It is perfect for zines, folded projects, rolled items, and takeaways. It also prints nicely on the letterpress, with the impression showing clearly on the back. But it can dent and fold more easily than a thicker sheet.
  • Middle weight papers include heavier text sheets like 100# text and lighter cover sheets like 60# cover or vellum bristol cover. We love these sheets for the Risograph, and they can fit for projects that are a little odd, such as a shorter zine that wants to feel more substantial or an art print that wants to remain delicate.
  • Cover weight is the heaviest 'normal' paper we print on. It's best used on cards, art prints, zine covers, and posters. For something extra heavy, consider our letterpress offerings or ask about duplexing on your custom project.

How will my art look on this paper?

Most inks we run are transparent. If you print a yellow ink on a green paper, the result will be a yellow-ish green. Similarly, printing a CMYK photograph on off white paper will make the entire image warmer than it would be on a white paper.

We recommend using the 'multiply' layer style in Photoshop to approximate any color changes your art might go through.

Can I provide my own paper?

Generally, no.

We choose papers for our printing processes through trial and error, and there are too many factors that make the paper a critical part of any project. If you have an idea for a project, run it by us and we'll offer suggestions and caveats!

Do you print on envelopes?

Yes! We can order standard envelopes in a variety of colors and styles. Everything from 4Bar cotton envelopes to Euro flap green envelopes. We can offer flap and front printing on most envelopes.

What kind of finishing do you do on paper?

We are able to duplex, diecut, edgepaint, score, and fold projects. We can also edge trim and cut projects in house. Please visit our finishing services page for more details.