Plan your next project with us.

Since 2008, we've worked with people to produce awesome prints. Our two specialties are risograph and letterpress printing, and we're happy to hash out the details with you!

  • Riso Art Prints

    This covers any projects on flat sheets of paper with our Risograph press. Combine vibrant inks with eccentric printing for a unique, handmade result.

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  • Riso Zines

    Need booklets, zines, or comics? We've printed everything from one page zines to 300 page anthologies, and we can help with your zine project.

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  • Letterpress Printing

    We're able to offer gorgeous printing on heavy cotton stocks with our cast iron letterpress. Perfect for wedding invitations and business cards.

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  • What we need from you:

    • A short project description. What and why?
    • The number of colors to be printed, per side.
    • The final size of your piece.
    • The quantity of pieces you want.
    • The due date of your project.
    • (Optional) If you have a mock or example image of your project, that is very helpful! We will ask for this after the initial email.
  • Need help deciding?

    Each technique has its own pro's and con's.

    • Risograph is generally rougher in appearance than letterpress, but far less expensive.
    • Letterpress better suited for smaller pieces in order to maximize the impression.
    • Custom colors are not available for the Risograph.
    • Letterpress plates are more expensive than risograph masters.

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