Letterpress Coasters for ACK!

Character with baseball cap

If you’re keeping your eyes peeled while traveling around Houston, you’ve no doubt spotted work by ACK!. Well, we were thrilled to work with him on a set of custom letterpress coasters!

Letterpress coasters can be a bit challenging– on the one hand, you don’t want to create an expensive coaster that people will be reluctant to use. Yet, on the other hand, you can’t rely on traditional coaster blanks when working with letterpress, since they tend to crack and break when pressure is applied to the surface. So what is a letterpress printer to do?

At Mystic Multiples, we prefer to print on a super thick blotter paper stock, and then die cut the coasters to final size. Doing it this way lets us avoid the cracking that comes with cheaper coaster stock, and avoid the higher price of our finer paper offerings. It’s no coincidence that we often like to recommend our blotter stock for thick business cards as well!