• Cutting & Trimming

    We own a Challenge guillotine paper cutter, and can cut sheets up to 19" wide. We can also use our cutter to trim away margin creep on your book projects.

  • Die Cutting

    With our Kluge letterpress, we can handle a number of die cuts and similar processes. We can score items, die cut shapes, and fabricate custom enclosures.

  • Edge Painting

    Edge painting is a process that adds custom color to the edge of printed pieces. Perfect for invitations and business cards that need some extra oomph.

  • Rosback Perforator

    In addition to normal perforation, we can add pinhole perforation to your pieces. This is a vintage perforation that dates to the 1800s, and was used for early stamps.

  • Embossing

    If letterpress isn't enough, we also perform blind or inkless embossing on pieces. We can use a two part die to create raised textures in your printed piece.

  • Duplexing

    Stuck on paper options? Why not use both? With duplexing we glue two sheets together, creating a double thick or two toned look for your printed card.

  • Screen Printing

    We're able to screen print glue lines, special effects ink, and special covers for books and prints. We're also able to print on partially finished items, such as boxes and cloth bags.

  • Experimental Processes

    We have 16 years' experience in attempting odd and unsual projects, especially in collaboration with artists. We're open to assisting with your unusual project.

  • Outsourcing

    If you need a process we don't offer in house, we may be able to point you in the right direction. We partner with other businesses to offer full color printing and other processes on projects that have a component printed by Mystic Multiples.