Frog Trilogy


The Frog Trilogy is here! Included in the set are: 1. “Patio Frog,” 2.”The Borderline,” and 3.”Accidental Pond”. The complete tale of frogs looking to survive in the wilds of a standard U.S. yard. How long will this space be safe? Where will they venture next? Time will tell. For now, these frogs are making due with very little.

PATIO FROG: Some froggies need trips to exotic ponds and puddles to fulfill their wanderlust. This little froggy enjoys life’s simple pleasures: a cold one, a comfy chair, and an 8′ x 8′ cracked slab they can call their own. They’re living large just knowing the stress of this week is over and tonight is for R&R. Salud little froggy dude! Enjoy that ethereal pink sunset for all of us.

THE BORDERLINE: Two frogs approach the liminal space between dirt and the man-made cement patio universe. How do they interpret this space? Unknowable. A soft rain trickles onto alocasia leaves overhead. Our protagonist consider whether to stay put or spring forward into the unknown. Godspeed adventurers.

ACCIDENTAL POND: Things happen. One person’s accident is a frog clan’s relief from unprecedented drought. Sweet, refreshing bliss on a hot day, but for how long?

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  • Open edition prints
  • Measure approximately 8″ x 10″
  • Risograph printed on white 63# cover / 170gsm stock