Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Custom Projects

By placing a custom order with Mystic Multiples, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Risograph Printing is a printing process with unique characteristics and always contains slight imperfections and errors. These include:

  1. Smudging
    • Risograph ink is made from soy and rice bran oils, pigments, and water, and is reminiscent of newspaper ink. It is possible to smudge the ink.
  2. Tire marks
    • When a paper is fed through the machine multiple times and inked, the paper feeder rollers may leave tire marks on the pages.
    • We try to avoid this issue by having the heaviest inked color printed last. You may also erase some marks with a soft eraser.
  3. Uneven coverage
    • Large, flat areas of solid ink coverage are likely to show variations, which can include pinholes, irregular shapes, kiss marks, and flooding.
  4. Registration
    • Riso is like screen printing; each ink color is added one at a time. A single piece of paper will run through the risograph several times for multi-color projects, and the overlap of colors can be irregular. You should expect this and potentially design for this result.

Letterpress Printing is also a printing process with unique characteristics. These include:

  1. Impression
    • The letterpress stamps ink into paper via a printing plate. This impression creates a lowered, 'deboss' area. How deep is governed by the thickness of the paper, and the size of the design. We always attempt to maximize impression, unless it affects the print quality. Please note that double sided projects will result in a flattening of impression on the first side printed.
  2. Ink Coverage
    • Letterpress excels at fine detail and line art, but cannot match the full floods of ink offered by offset printing. Solid areas of ink become 'salty' and mottled, and will not print with complete coverage.
    1. Ink Gain
      • The process of printing on the letterpress makes art look bolder than it does in the file. Part of this is due to the impression, and part is due to the ink spreading during printing. You should plan for your text, lines, and art to look heavier after printing, or reduce the size during the design phase.
    2. Registration
      • Each piece runs through the printing press once per color, score, or diecut. The process is adjusted by hand and by eye. We do our best to maintain a constant registration on the letterpress, but it is natural for projects to occasionally shift in alignment due to weather, humidity, and human error.

    We cannot be responsible for:

    • Design errors or color selection errors introduced in the artwork file creation process submitted by client.

    • Errors in client-selected options such product type, size, finishing options, or quantity.

    • Spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors made by client.

    • Poor quality or low-resolution images.

    • Incorrect dimensions, image orientation, or file submission provided by client.

    • Color match cannot be guaranteed without a hard copy proof approval.

    • Delivery delays due to improperly prepared files, delays in client submitting files for print, failure of client to timely respond to questions or emails, or changes by the client to the scope of the work.

    • Duplicate orders by the client.


    Quotes are good for 30 days and act as estimates that may change depending on final artwork and scope of project. For general pricing, please refer to the pricing charts on this website.


    To start a job we require payment in full, unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept Cash, Credit, Debit, PayPal, ACH and Checks.

    Production Time

    Our schedule can vary greatly depending on our schedule. We generally require 7-12 business days to complete art prints, business cards, invitations, brochures, and posters. Items requiring binding or complex finishing services like zines generally require 15-20 business days. Production time starts after we receive print-ready files and payment in full. Shipping is not included in our turnaround time.

    Client Deadlines and Rush Orders

    If you have a deadline, please tell us at the time of the order. If the deadline is less than 7 business days, it is considered a Rush order. Rush orders incur a rush fee depending on a number of factors, including need for specialty order papers, current production loads and overtime, holidays and expedited shipping costs. Please call or email us so we can discuss your options with a specific deadline. We will ship using the appropriate service (at cost to you) to meet your deadline, but we are not responsible for any delays once the shipment is in the hands of the carrier.


    We do our best to pack orders in a way that will avoid damage. If you receive a package that is damaged, we will attempt to file a claim with the carrier and you will assist with any documentation we need for the claim. We cannot be held responsible for the cost of replacing the damaged prints. We will ship using the appropriate carrier service to meet your deadline, but we are not responsible for any delays once the shipment is in the hands of the carrier. We will not refund any printing costs on jobs that are delayed in shipping.


    Invoice: Before printing, we will send you an invoice that contains what we believe to be the final choices and details for your project. Please review the invoice carefully before paying! It will have the specific details for your job. By paying the invoice you are agreeing that the details listed for your print job are correct. Clients share responsibility with Mystic Multiples for errors stemming from incorrect details listed in an invoice.

    Soft Proofs: On request, we will email you a free digital soft proof for your project. Please look at the proof carefully! Soft proofs are estimations but not exact reproductions of the colors in your project. If you want a true color match sample, we recommend a hard proof be purchased. By approving the digital soft proof and paying the invoice, you have accepted full responsibility for the order and agree that the information and images provided to you are what you want. Once approved by you, any changes or reprints thereafter will be made at your expense.

    Hard Proofs: Because Riso requires a master to be made for each color and design printed, running a single copy for a proof is expensive. If you would like a hard copy proof of a single sheet or of an entire book, we will provide you a quote for this service. 

    File Set-up

    We have instructions for setting up files for print on our website. We will also provide 30 minutes of free set-up to prepare client files for print. If the client files require more than 30 minutes, an invoice for file set-up services will be sent and payment of it required before production will begin. Payment will be required in prior to production or if the client prefers, any project amount paid will be refunded to client and our services terminated. We will not be responsible for any deadline or timeline delays due to client errors in file setup.

    Our Portfolio

    We believe strongly that printers should be recognized for their work. We reserve the right to display your printed project for our website, portfolio, and social media. We will credit you as the creator of the work if that information is available to us.


    Once production has started on your project, no refunds will be given. If it is prior to production start but materials have been ordered for your production, all material costs including shipping/delivery charges are non-refundable.