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Mystic Multiples

Accidental Pond

Accidental Pond

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Things happen. One person's accident is a frog clan's relief from unprecedented drought. Sweet, refreshing bliss on a hot day, but for how long?

Accidental Pond is a risograph printed art print. Risograph prints are made one color at a time, just like a screen print. They use a soy based ink that is similar to newspaper ink, and it has a vibrant look and feel. This particular print was made with Green and Black inks.

Also available in a set of three prints. The Frog Trilogy is here! Included in the set are: 1. "Patio Frog," 2."The Borderline," and 3."Accidental Pond". The complete tale of frogs looking to survive in the wilds of a standard U.S. yard. How long will this space be safe? Where will they venture next? Time will tell. For now, these frogs are making due with very little.

Risograph prints are known for their charming lack of registration. The color alignment in your print may vary.

  • Measures approximately 8" x 10"
  • Risograph printed on white 63# cover / 170gsm stock
  • Also available in a Frog Trilogy print set!
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