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Brackish Boxed Set

Brackish Boxed Set

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Brackish is a zine project made by Houston based artists Katie Mulholland and Sarah Welch. Over a five month period, Mulholland and Welch created a massive pile of ink drawings. These drawings show the past, present, and sometimes invented future of the Houston landscape. They curated this drawing collection to create the Brackish zine. Drawings of special interest were chosen to become risograph or letterpress prints paired alongside the book. The book features local and invasive plants & animals, architecture, interior spaces, city infrastructure, industry, and residential scenes. Special attention is lavished on locations with ancient, and sometimes futuristic presence. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Jurassic Park.

Print portfolio that includes:

  • Screenprinted Brackish Box
  • Brackish Risograph Zine
  • Swamp Man Letterpress Print
  • Clover Hotel Risograph Print
  • Dystopian Mini Astrodome Print
  • Endangered Houston Toad Couple Risograph Print

Prints and zine measure approximately 5" x 7"

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