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Mystic Multiples

Large Misprint Mystery Pack

Large Misprint Mystery Pack

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Got a gallery wall that you would like to fill out a little more? Well, we have just the solution! During the production of our Risograph art prints, we often end up with prints that are a little further out of registration than we would like... they're not bad enough to recycle, but not quite good enough to make the first cut. And since we'd hate to just recycle these prints, we're offering these misfit prints in a mystery pack!

You'll receive four varied prints that are curated from our various 'large' risograph prints -- some larger, and some smaller. Rest assured we have gone through these prints and approved them for a wall near you, so why not try a little mystery?

  • Misprints pulled from our regular large prints
  • 4 Individual prints, with no duplicates
  • Misaligned Colors
  • All larger than 9" x 12", with most near 11" x 14" or 10" x 16" in size
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