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Live Baby Alligators

Live Baby Alligators

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Who among us does not want a live baby alligator to call our own!? Welp, I wouldn't really recommend it, but the folks behind this odd little venture really do paint a picture. From what I understand these ads were abundant in the back of comic books and magazines geared toward the children of 1950s USA. We won't be mailing any live critters, but you can have this letterpress bit of ephemera for your very own.

In full the ad reads: "LIVE BABY ALLIGATORS $1.50. Safe Delivery Guaranteed. How would you like a real live Baby Alligator for your very own? A rage for Baby Alligator pets has swept the country. We have arranged, at great expense, to supply you with a GENUINE LIVE BABY ALLIGATOR. Just hatched in the deep marshlands of the south, at an amazingly low price. These corking little pets will be shipped to you by mail, carefully packed--safe arrival guaranteed. Think of the fun, the thrills you will have with one of these Baby Alligators. Read how fascinating they are, how interesting. Study nature. Remember, the alligator comes down to us from prehistoric days, from the age of the dinosaurs! Do you want a Baby Alligator? You bet you do. What boy wouldn't? PRICE $1.50 postpaid. "

What boy wouldn't want one? Available as an 8" x 8" letterpress print on blotter paper. Also available as a small advert card, approximately 3 9/16" x 2 3/8" on cream cotton paper. Buy a set of three mini prints for a discount!

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