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Mystic Multiples

MUD // multi user dungeon

MUD // multi user dungeon

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You stand before a dark and mysterious cave.

MUD Zine is a short love letter to the almost forgotten multi user dungeon format of online games. Originally an off shoot of text based adventure / fantasy games, these games pioneered many of the ways we interact in virtual spaces today. MUDs were a space for adventure, peril, socialization, and discovery in a period that stretches from the beginnings of the internet with ARPANET to today-- in fact, some of the spaces featured in this zine are still active today! Join us for a little bit of history, a little bit of nostalgia, and a little bit of musing over what was lost in the march from text to graphics.

A short zine by James Beard on MUDs and their impact.

- 16 pages
- Digitally Printed
- 7 inch by 5 inch

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