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Mystic Multiples

Compost My Body

Compost My Body

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For those inclined to natural burial, composting could be an excellent option. Energy reborn in the form of fungi, plant life, and worm food. Legislation on composting or "natural organic reduction" has been passed in both Washington state and Colorado. I want to see more states get on board! Here's hoping for less taboo and more open conversations about how we care for our own bodies, the bodies of loved ones, and the earth itself.

Curious about fungi and mushrooms? May we recommend the very excellent Radical Mycology book by Chthaeus Press? The author, Peter McCoy, presents the reader with a cornucopia of fungal knowledge that we really appreciate for its interdisciplinary approach and its compilation of information from a traditionally inaccessible subject. Plus, word is that it began as a zine!

Risograph art print by Sarah Welch. Available in two colorways! Be sure to communicate your wishes.

  • Brown Ink on Brown Paper / Dark Green Ink on Green Paper
  • 11" x 14"


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