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Detached Retina in Dangerfield

Detached Retina in Dangerfield

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Detached Retina in Dangerfield: 100 Ideas for Country Music Songs Zine!

Fresh off a binge watching of the Ken Burns Country Music PBS series, we put together this here lil mini zine for anyone looking to peruse some ideas for country music songs. Yeeeehaw!

As storytellers, we’re big fans of the storytelling in country music, but it seems like the ideas have gotten a little stale. Do we need another ballad about the joys of small town living? Why not shake things up, because at its heart, country music is about people and stories. So, Sarah sat down to think about 100 country music song prompts that she’d love to see made, and collected them in this mini zine.

Ships via stamped envelope!

If you do make a song from this zine, we would love to hear it! Thanks!

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