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Mystic Multiples

Soggy Bikini Prints

Soggy Bikini Prints

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Yes, you've seen this bikini lurking at the bottom of many a tub and shower. A soggy bikini that's just had the time of it's life: free and swimming in open water! Or perhaps just a YMCA pool. It's all equally refreshing when the temp has reached 90, 95, 98, 102 and the battered AC units are barely hanging on after 10 plus years of continuous service. These soggy bikinis come in an abbreviated rainbow of blues and greens. The line drawing was printed by James Beard using a laser-cut linoleum block and an etching press. A gentle impression is visible from where the printing plate squished into this lush cotton paper. Each bikini was then given a colorful gouache paint job by Sarah Welch. They are each unique 1 of 1 artworks. May your bikini stay soggy forever.

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